PCfreBbe-2017 Powering Crude Freek Web Developer
Talent Hunt Competition

06 Feb, 2017

The Computer Science Department organised an event PCfreBber2017-Web Development Competition to encourage young web developers and provide a platform to showcase their coding and creativity. Competition had two tasks. Task-I aimed at testing Designing potentiality and task-2 at Logical expertise.Finally a Quick Questionnaire round disclosed the winners. Prachi Aggarwal stood first, Mohd.Shoaib Asgar secured second place and Yash Shah was third. Every participant did extremely well and it was really a difficult call to judge the winners.Hence,the competition was really exciting and proved to be a great platform for young coders to show and enhance their skills set.

2 days Workshop on Python:Fundamentals and Advanced

21 Jan, 2017

The Computer Science Department in association with IQAC organized a workshop on Python: Fundamentals and Advanced on the 21st of January and 4th of February 2017. On the first day, the students learnt about Python programming language - it's use and the basic syntax. The instructor, Dr. Manju, taught topics including functions and classes and other major concepts of the language. The students were also made familiar with the runtime environment of the language which is the python shell. In an hour long practice session, then, the students implemented the learnt concepts on their own under the guidance of Dr. Manju and Dr. Bharti. The second day of the workshop saw students becoming familiar with the concepts of advanced python - the use of packages like Numpy, Scipy, Matplotlib, Mayavi. This session aimed at making the students aware of applications of python. With Numpy and Scipy, students got an introduction about how can one go about performing scientific operations and operations on matrices of various dimensions. By using Matplotlib and Mayavi, they learnt to create figures etc. that have applications in many scientific fields. The workshop gave the students an insight to the use of python language.

National Seminar On Cyber Security in Cloud Computing and Social Networking

12 Jan, 2017

With the growth in computer technologies, many tasks are becoming easier-networking, data storage, information access etc. The use of this technology is increasing and so is the concern towards keeping the data secure from cyber threats. And this concern is what makes Cyber Security a domain of utmost importance. The Department of Computer Science, Hansraj College organized a one-day national seminar on Cyber Security in Cloud Computing and Social Networking on the 12th of January 2017. Teachers from various colleges of the University of Delhi, students and teachers of Hansraj College gathered to listen to the esteemed speakers for the day. The event began with lighting of lamp by Principal Dr. Rama Sharma, Dr. Sanjay Batra, Dr. Baljeet Kaur, Dr. Harmeet Kaur, Dr. Manoj Aggarwal and the guests for the day. The Chief Guest for the day, Dr. V B Aggarwal, Dean Info Tech JIMS, Founder Head - Dept. of Computer Science, Delhi University, expressed his thoughts about the topic for the day and the importance of such seminars. The guest of honor, Prof. M. Moni, former DG, NIC, then spoke about the importance of security on personal level and in many professional domains. Dr. Rama and the department professors expressed their gratitude by honoring both the dignitaries. The event then witnessed the launch of second volume of the department magazine, "Bitwise". Dr. Anuj Aggarwal - Chairman, Centre for Research on Cyber Crime and Cyber Law - began with an interactive session on cyber security. He started by explaining the need of cyber security and when is it said to be breached. Although, his main focus was on cyber threats on social networking, internet; he also threw light on data breach threats in cloud computing. Dr. Aggarwal discussed real life instances of cyber crime and how to handle such issues. The seminar was carried forward by Dr. Anup Girdhar - CEO-Founder, Sedulity Solutions and Technologies, Cyber Crime Investigator and Cyber Security Consultant. He elaborated upon cause of cyber threats in almost every domain and how the young minds can avoid them. He inspired the audience to look into the depths of the technology we are using, know about the threats and develop new ideas and projects that are safer to use. The tech tips and tricks that he showcased were interesting enough to bind the audience. Dr. Huzur Saran - Professor, Department of Computer Science & Engineering, IIT, Delhi, Center of Excellence in Cyber Systems and Information Assurance - was the next speaker. He focused upon threats in cloud computing. He commenced by explaining the much glorified theory of cloud computing - the role it plays in various domains and the solutions that are being employed. The next speaker for the day was Mr. Neeraj Arora who is a Cyber Lawyer. He addressed the audience about the rising number of cyber crime cases from the least harmful one to the ones that could create havoc. He went on explaining about the laws that are enforced for such circumstances. Mr. Arora iterated that people today must be aware of such threats and know how to prevent. The department teachers expressed their gratitude by honoring the four genius minds that enlightened some young and budding minds. The seminar paved paths for both the teachers and the students by making them aware of the recent technologies, the associated threats and the need of being secure in the virtual world.


07 Jan, 2017

The Computer Science Department in association with IQAC organized a workshop on web designing on January 7, 2017. The workshop was open for all students and was attended by Computer Science and Physical Sciences students. The workshop mainly aimed at designing static webpages using HTML. The trainers were Ms. Samiksha and Ms. Neelam from the Department of Computer Science. The session began with an introduction to the language and certain basic tags. Thereafter, the topics - Frames in HTML and designing a Form - were covered and students practiced them using their own ideas. Certain exercises were also given, for the students to try the concepts learnt. The teachers also threw light upon the connection between PHP and HTML. All the students will now be designing a website of 3-4 webpages using the learnt concepts. The attendees took a step forward on the path of web designing with the help of this workshop.


13 Dec, 2016

Department of Computer Science conducted a "Four-days workshop on Computer Awareness" for Non-teaching Staff under the flagship of Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) from 13th December - 16th December 2016. The event was coordinated by Ms. Sunita Chand and organized by Ms. Anita and Mr. Sanjay Narang. The workshop was inaugurated by honorable Principal Mam, Dr. Rama in the presence of Mr. Sanjay Batra, Convener, IQAC, Dr. Harmeet Kaur, Convener, Computer Society, Department of Computer Science and the non-teaching staff enrolled for the workshop.
The workshop aimed at introducing the participant with the basic knowledge of computer fundamentals with the basic document editing, spreadsheet usage and the fundamental applications and ethics of internet.
The workshop was sponsored by IQAC. The seats were limited to 20 and the registration was on first come first serve basis. The workshop got an overwhelming response with more than 40 registrations thus demonstrating the lack and need of computer awareness.
The valedictory function and certificates distribution was done on 16th December 2017 by Mr. Sanjay Batra , Dr. Harmeet Kaur and Dr. Preeti Dharmara, Convener, Library Committee, Hansraj College.


22 Oct, 2016

Ordinateur - The Computer Science Society, Hansraj College organised its first ever INTRA-DEPARTMENT FOOTBALL TOURNAMENT
Game : 40 minutes ( with a half time of 20 minutes each) excluding a break of 10 minutes. The tournament started with students from 2nd year beating those from 1st year by a comfortable margin of 4-1. In the next match, freshers proved their mettle by defeating the 4th students by 2-1. 4th year students won the last match beating the sophomores 1-0. 2nd year students finally won the tournament as per the rule of maximum goal difference. Abhishek Paswan scored maximum goals ie. 2 in the tournament.


20 Oct, 2016

In today's highly competitive world, every individual wants an opportunity that enables him/her to stand tall and independent amidst the crowd. The Information Technology industry, over the past few years, has been offering employment to a many enthusiasts. To enlighten the students about the various career opportunities, Ordinateur, the Computer Science Society organized a session on "Careers in IT after graduation" by Landmark Institute on 20th October 2016. Mr. Ritukar Chadha (M.Sc. Mathematics), Director of the institute was the speaker of the day. He began by an interaction with the students about their goals. He then proceeded by highlighting the facts about growing IT industry. The main focus of the session was to make the students aware of how to pursue an MCA degree. He told about the various universities offering MCA, the entrance exams to get into them and pattern of the paper. He then gave the details of the various coaching course packages offered by Landmark. The session was concluded by motivating the students to prepare for their future. At the end, Dr. Harmeet Kaur Negi proposed the vote of thanks. This session proved to be a pathfinder for all the students.


04 Oct, 2016

Ordinateur, the computer science society, Hansraj College, organized Codeflicks-a coding competition for the students of all years on 4th October 2016.
The competition aimed at encouraging the coding streak amongst the students. People participated in teams of two or individually. The competition was done in 2 rounds - the prelims and the finals. The prelims round required the participants to qualify a written test that had questions of aptitude and C/C++. Eight teams made it to the finals. The finals was conducted online on CodeChef.com. The final round required students to solve 5 programming questions in 2 hours. After a neck to neck competition, a team from Btech (CS) 4th year won the competition by successfully completing 4 out of the five questions. The competition was exciting and the overwhelming response of the students added to the same. It proved to be an excellent platform for students to showcase their coding skills.


29 Sep, 2016

A workshop with the collaboration of the departments of Sanskrit and the Computer Science was held on the 29th September 2016 to give hands on experience to the participants for typing documents in Word using the font Chankaya Walkman. The two hour long workshop covered the span of typing all possible intricacies of the Devanagri. The Devanagari script is used for over 120 languages, including Hindi, Marathi, Nepali, Pali, Konkani, Bodo, Sindhi and Maithili among other languages and dialects, making it one of the most used and adopted writing systems in the world. The Devanagari script is also used for classical Sanskrit texts.


03 Sep, 2016

In today's fast evolving world, with such intense competition, it is essential for students to prepare themselves for life after graduation. In an attempt to provide such an opportunity to the students, Ordinateur, the Computer Science Society hosted "Google's applied with Android Workshop" for the students of Hansraj College. This program has been designed by Google for University level Computer Science students to apply the theoretical concepts learned in class in a professional setting. Because of the overwhelming response from the students, the workshop was conducted in two batches where each batch was given 4 hour sessions on 3 consecutive Saturdays. Sessions for the first batch were conducted from 3rd September 2016 to 17th September 2016; and for the second batch from 24th September 2016 to 8th October 2016.
The Workshop was facilitated by Piyush Panwar, a student of B.Tech Computer Science at Hansraj College. The facilitator made the students work in groups to encourage teamwork as well as nullify the knowledge gap between first year and final year students. The Program is modelled on a self-learning mechanism wherein the students teach themselves how to solve the problem.The workshop turned out to be a great learning experience.