Tech Talk Day Two - Problem Solving with Computers

04 Apr, 2016

Ordinateur, the Computer Science Society of Hansraj College, on the second day of TECH-TALK, organised a seminar on "Problem Solving with computers-some lesser known aspects" on April 4, 2016. Prof. Dr. Manohar Lal, an alumnus of Hansraj College, was the guest speaker for the day.
He began the session by defining the words "problem" and " solution". He, then brought in the concept of Computation and Problem Solving in terms of computer. His main objective was to clarify and prove the fact that it is the "human" who solves a problem using a sequence of steps-algorithm. A machine or a computer only "executes" those steps. It is the human who has a creative mind and sense of judgement. The machine has speed and accuracy to carry out a human designed algorithm. He gave innumerable real life examples to substantiate each fact.
After the talk, Dr. Baljeet Kaur, (Convener, Ordinateur) presented the vote of thanks and told the students the importance of the concept. Every attendee was undoubtedly benefited from the session.

Tech Talk Day One - Australian Experiences in Cloud Computing

01 Apr, 2016

Ordinateur, the computer science society of Hans Raj College organised one of the two interactive and knowledge driven sessions "Tech-talk" on 1 April 2016 on the topic "Australian experiences in Cloud Computing". The speaker for this session was Dr. Krishan Anand, an alumna of Hans Raj College and also an expert in cloud computing and digital systems performance enhancement. Dr. Anand briefed the students about the essence, need and various features of cloud computing. His main focus was to throw light upon the reasons behind this technology growing so rapidly. Making servers and infrastructure available to the consumers, making it easy for users to use technology by supplying software on various available platforms, enhancing aspects like security and privacy, maintaining the balance between the various services provided -- were some of the many valuable ideas presented. He also emphasized on various key terms associated with cloud computing; some of them being: Infrastructure as a service(IaaS), Software as a Service(SaaS), Platform as a service(PaaS), non-repudiation, orchestration, SSL(Secure Socket Layer) and few more. He also drew the attention of the audience towards the growing use of Cloud Computing in Australia. The session ended with the speaker urging students to invest their time in this fast-growing technology. After his session, Dr. Harmeet Kaur, Head of the Computer Science Department, gave the vote of thanks and expressed her views on the session. Dr. Anand was later presented a memento by Dr. Harmeet Kaur and Dr. Baljeet Kaur. The session ended with a valuable advice to the students which encouraged them to work with precision.

R programming Workshop

30 Jan, 2016

Ordinateur, the Computer Science society of Hansraj College, organised a workshop on R programming on 30th January 2016. This workshop on the statistical R language was conducted under the guidance of Convener, Dr. Baljeet Kaur. The attendees came to know about various features of the programming language including data manipulation, calculation and graphical display. With all these hotly demanded topics, the speakers enlightened the students with the essence of R language in two sessions. In the first session, Ms. Aditi gave an insight to the programming language. She began by highlighting the topic of setting up R environment, its installation and loading various packages while working with R. She then proceeded to share her detailed knowledge about data manipulation and calculation. She gave an introduction to data structures and covered topics including vectors, arrays, matrices and data frames. She also explained how to import data into R file from sources like text files, excel spreadsheets, databases, web and others. In the second session, Ms. Bharti highlighted the use of R programming in graphical display of data. In this session she gave details as to how to export data from R and proceeded by explaining other statistics of the programming language. She even emphasised on cleaning and manipulation of data. The topic of visualising data with ggplot was also covered by her. All in all the workshop proved to be an excellent learning opportunity for the attendees where they came to know about yet another milestone in the tech world.

IBM CE Training Programme on Android App Development using Phone Gap

12 Dec, 2015

Ordinateur, the Computer Science of Hansraj College organized a 2 week long workshop on Android and Core Java programming from 12th to 24th December. Students from various colleges attended the workshop. The workshop gave students an opportunity to develop skills enough to make their own full fledged apps. Students became accustomed to Core Java and the Android programming session gave in depth knowledge of the framework. Students also learned how to program with APIs and manage the SQLite Database . At the end of each session students were given assignments for regular practice and their queries were solved. The workshop was organized under guidance of Dr. Baljeet Kaur, Convener, Ordinateur and the trainer Mr. Manish Sharma, a trained IBM Professional from Webtek Labs made this workshop a worthy learning experience .He was very thorough with subject and patiently handled everyone's doubts. It was a refreshing experience for students to learn from him.

Talk with Alumni Session

02 Nov, 2015

The following Alumni of Computer Science Department, Hans Raj College were invited for an interactive career counselling session with the students to guide them for a successful career in Computer Science.

  • Saurabh Garg, MCA (Delhi University), MTU at Adobe India
  • Himanshu Mehta, MCA, 3rd Year, DU
  • Palak Ahuja, MCA, 3rd Year, DU
  • Mansi Gera, MCA, 3rd Year, DU

  • Students asked questions related to the opportunities that the course in Computer Science offers and various choices available after graduation. Alumni shared their experiences and encouraged the students to pursue whatever interests them, in their life. They also gave details about the courses that can be pursued along with academics. Skills development through Freelancing was encouraged along with more participation during Tech Fests. They encouraged students to start some extracurricular activities in the college. Mr. Saurabh also gave a little idea about the corporate. The session ended with Dr. Harmeet Kaur and Dr. Baljeet Kaur inspiring students about the college and course. To conclude, students were guided in the right direction and learnt a lot from the alumni.

    We at Ordinateur thank all of the Alumni deep heartedly and look forward to organize more such sessions which will motivate and guide students to proceed on the path which will enable them to use their potential to its fullest.

Workshop on MATLAB

06 Oct, 2015

A two day workshop on MATLAB was organized for the 3rd Year B.Tech. Computer Science students of Hans Raj College on 6th and 7th October 2015. Dr. Baljeet Kaur and Ms. Bharti acted as resource persons for the same. The workshop aimed to cover: 1. Basics of MATLAB including vectors and Matrices Manipulation, built-in-functions and plots. 2. Programming in MATLAB covering scripting and functions, loops and if statement. 3. Functions related to Image handling 4. A hands on for utilizing above concepts. Students showed keen interest during the workshop and raised doubts about various aspects of MATLAB which were well handled by the resource persons. Clearly, workshops like this are must to improve technical knowledge among students and the department aims to deliver more such workshops in future.

Talk on the future of Web Science by Dr. Aastha Madaan

05 Oct, 2015

Dr. Aastha Madaan, PhD in Databases from the Database Systems Laboratory at University of Aizu, Fukushima, Japan an alumni of Department of Computer Science, Hans Raj College conducted an inspiring session on future of web sciences in India and prospects of the same as a career on 5 October 2015 which was attended by the students of all the batches of cs dept.

Students where enlightened about, not only web sciences as a discipline, but the right path to take to become a web scientist.

Dr. Aastha Madan also helped students resolve their queries on what to aim at after college for a brighter future not only in India but abroad. The session was highly successful and inspiring, ended with the HoD presenting a token of appreciation to the speaker.

Career Counselling Seminar by Dr. Ritukar Chadha, Landkmark Institute

01 Oct, 2015

Dr. Ritukar Chadha is PhD in the research area of Fuzzy Logic, MSc in Maths and Physics. He has worked as a visiting faculty in many GGSIPU affiliated colleges. He is a writer of numerous books on advanced Mathematics, Discrete mathematics etc. He is the founder of a new IT company named and partner of UKS Technology. He is the director of Landmark Institute imparting coaching for entrance in MCA-Entrance Examinations and IIT-JEE serving the nation as an educationist.

Students from various courses took part in the valuable session. Whole session was intended to help and guide students aspiring a career in Computer Science after their Bachelor's degree from Delhi University.

The Head of Department of Computer Science Dr Harmeet Kaur addressed the speaker as he began the session. He asked some introductory questions to students like why they chose Computer Science as their major stream. Most of the students replied it to be a subject of interest.

Mr. R.Chadha kept the environment of the room humorous by cracking some practical jokes, using both English and Hindi language to make students comfortable with him. Mr. R.Chadha pointed out Big Data Analysis and Cloud Computing to be one of the most popular areas providing lucrative career options in near future. He further argued that a Bachelor's degree isn't enough to start a good career in Computer Science. He suggested MCA as the best masters course for the students aspiring a corporate job in future. Starting with this whole conversation diverted towards the discussion of MCA, why is it a preferred course and the importance of pursuing it from a reputed college/university. Students were made aware of the tough competition for getting admissions to the course and were further advised to start early with their preparations for the entrance examinations. He not just recommended to study, he said "study for eight hours and enjoy the rest sixteen hours of the day, introspect once a week for at least an hour whether you are on track or not and what are you missing to achieve your goals". He robustly suggested students to be keep on track with mathematics as it is a main subject for every entrance examination after graduation. He also told about the rankings of various colleges offering a course in MCA and about their placements. After his remarkable comments he added that one can also get successful with his efforts and skills even when one is not studying in a reputed college to which he further added success story of his student. He seemed very frank with students towards the end and finished saying "Work hard sleep tight".

Dr. Harmeet thanked him with a plant sapling and a present for giving his precious time. She gave a short motivational speech and asked students to keep themselves up with their hard work. The hour long session proved to be very helpful to students to see through the fog towards the future leaving all the confusions and doubts behind.

Workshop on Web Development

23 Sep, 2015

Ordinateur organized a four-day workshop from 23rd to 29th Sep, 2015 on Web Development Fundamentals for the students of Department of Computer Science. The workshop was different in that the students voluntarily played the role of instructors to their fellow batch mates. Topics namely HTML, CSS, JavaScript were dealt with great depth followed by introductory lessons on PHP and MySQL.

Presided over by the faculty of Department of Computer Science, the workshop was mainly aimed to settle the thirst for the basic knowledge that students may require to develop their websites and webapps. This event drew the interest of about 50 students from the department.

The first time experience of participants to be formally taught by their batch mates was genuinely enthusiastic and motivating for all.