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Three Year Undergraduate Programme Examination Pattern for B.Sc.(H) Computer Science

Chocie Based Cred Scheme (CBCS) Examination Pattern for B.Sc.(H) Computer Science

Three/Four Year Undergraduate Programme Examination Pattern

The Three/Four Year Undergraduate Programme is divided into 6/8 semesters. Each semester is of 6 months. Assessment in each paper is made in two ways - Internal Assessment and External Assessment. Internal Assessment is based on the performance of student throughout a semester. It includes 20 marks for internal examinations, assignments, projects etc. and 5 marks for attendance. Theory Examination is held at the end of each semester carrying 75 marks for each paper. Practical examinations carry 50 marks for 2 credit papers while 100 marks for 4 credit papers.

Theory Examination:-
November-December (Odd Semester)
April-May (Even Semester)
Exam Duration: 3hrs
Marks: 75

Practical Examination:-
Held before theory examinations each semester
Duration: 4hrs for 2 Credit Papers, 6hrs for 4 Credit Papers
Marks: 50 Marks for 2 Credit Papers, 100 Marks for 4 Credit Papers

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